Do we believe God is faithful? Or don't we?

Friends, it is so easy to become hope deferred in times like these. I will admit, today I had a tear well up, as I briefly saw Biden being sworn in. I felt hurt, betrayed, questioning what was happening. Could ALL of the prophets have really missed it? Has God really decided, that He is done with us, as I have had family members state? Is He really handing us over to the enemy? I am sure many of you feel the same way. Let me encourage you, as I was praying, a righteous anger welled up in me. I then heard, "Do you believe that I am faithful or don't you?" I knew the lord was testing my faith. Did I REALLY believe, He was handing us over? No. Did I really believe, that He was turning His back on us? No. Did I really believe, ALL the prophets missed it? Absolutely not. So what does that mean? I mean Biden has been sworn in, surely there is nothing that can be done now right? HA!! Look again.

Things are not as they seem.

Do we really believe that God would take a man, use him to turn this country around, restore our values, restore our faith, reverse the abortion laws, bring peace to the middle east, and so many countless things, for the Glory of God and the good of the people, ALL to just drop us off now? To abandon us, and leave us to the devourer? It makes zero sense. If you truly believe that, you don't know the heart of the Father.

Would He really allow, His work to be undone and stolen by the enemy? Let us not forget He came both as the LION and the Lamb, He is both, gentle and fierce. My mom always, taught me to, "read between the lines." Trump and Milania have been very careful with their words. WHY would Trump tell us, "the best is yet to come", why would he tell us, "it's just the beginning?" Why would he tell us, we would see him again? IF, he knew things were really over? Why would he leave us with hope, when he knew we would have none now?

Friends, do not be discouraged, there is so much more going on than we even realize. I believe we will see a NEW Order. But not a new world order, as the enemy would have us to believe. But rather a new RESTORED order in Government. "A Government, of the people, by the people, for the people." The way the Constitution was originally designed. We need to continue to stand firm and strong. We need to continue to believe that God is faithful and that He will COMPLETE the work He started in us and this Country. Do not let your eyes be deceived in what is happening. Keep your heart open and TRUST that GOD IS FOR US!! Because HE IS!!

The enemy may THINK he has won, but this is one battle, we KNOW who wins the WAR! I don't know HOW, God is going to do it, but our job is only to BELIEVE that HE WILL!! HOLD THE LINE, ITS NOT OVER!! #keepwatch #stayalert #keeppraying #itsnotoveryet #holdtheline #born2inspirelife #IStillBelieve

2Elizabeth Kay and Albert Mendez

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