It is absolutely mind blowing to me, how far God has brought me in the last 10 years. I had a memory pop up, that reminded me, in 2010, my name was on the ballot. I was running for City Council.

I was the only woman who ran that year. I was amongst, “the good ol boys.” I had no clue what I was doing. I had never desired to be in politics. But I knew that God created me to be a change agent, and I knew that He had asked me to do it. I remember being terrified. I prayed and told God, “if you just tell me that I will win, I will do this.” He didn’t say anything, but I did it anyway.

I didn’t win, but it wasn’t a loss.

After the election, I asked God, “Why would you have me do that, if I wasn’t going to win?” Ever so gently I heard Him whisper, ” I knew you would do it afraid, but you didn’t.”

Friends, sometimes God will ask you to do things that do not make sense. He will ask you to do things that challenge you. He knows that we can do them. But sometimes it takes facing those fears to know that we can. I have learned that I am a YES woman. When God ask me to do something, I say, Yes, even when I am afraid. Some of my greatest blessings have come from doing it afraid.

My point. Don’t confuse peace and fear. Sometimes, we don’t move because we are afraid and don’t have peace. Many times, the peace comes AFTER your obedience. It’s time to face your fears!

Author-Gypsy Dallas Smith

#faceyourfears #getoutoftheboat #timetomove #born2inspirelife

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