People Like You!

I want to encourage you today and remind you that you are not alone. This morning as I was about to share a friend’s post, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the Kingdom Connections I have made this year.

God has purposely connected me with people who are like me, who share many of the same gifts and anointing's. Writers, Prophets, Reformers and Forerunners.

For so long, I felt so

alone. I felt strangely different and out of place everywhere I went. I have always questioned religious ideas and tradition. Not out of rebellion, but out of this inner feeling that something wasn't right. I now find myself, more bold and challenging beliefs and systems that go against the heart of the Father.

Now certainly, you always want to surround yourself with people that are not necessarily like you, and I have lots of those connections as well. People with all types of gifts. But it’s also comforting to know that there is a Remnant group of people that ARE like me, who do challenge ideologies, who do go against the grain and stand for what's right, even when the majority around you does not.

So, I just want to remind you, that no matter how alone you feel, you are not. God doesn't want you to run alone! If you will begin to look at the people that God is placing in your life you will see the commonalities. You will begin to see that there are many just like you, with the same talents and anointing’s.

People who are passionate and feel the same way about things as you do. And no matter how crazy you feel, how different or weird you think you are, there is always someone out there who feels the same way. So be encouraged in knowing, while there is no one exactly like you, there are many who understand you. Because like you, they don’t fit the mold either! #yournoththeonlyone #yournotalone #breakingthemold #daretobeyouboldly #born2inspire #worthyrepost

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