When you don't understand why, God allows doors to close.

Let me encourage you. When we are walking with the Lord and trusting His guidance, it can be hard when we want something so badly and the door gets closed. I have learned however, that God ALWAYS has my families best interest in mind. When a door gets closed, I know there is a good reason for it.

Many of you know, that I have talked about loving Texas and feeling drawn there. Last year a huge opportunity for my husband came up in Texas. In fact, the bosses came looking for him. When he had not turned in his resume, they wanted to know why. They even waited on him to get everything turned in. They wanted him for the job. It looked like it was really happening. Our dreams of promotion and relocation were finally within reach.

It was between my husband and one other guy. He never actually had an interview, it was just a conversation on the phone. Long story short he didn't get it. He was very disappointed. I admit I was too, but I also knew it was for a reason. You see, when God decides to open a door, there is no man on earth and no demon in hell that can stop it!! I told my husband, "God obviously knows something we don't, we just have to trust Him."

It was not long after that, God led me to Summit Bible College. I started working on my Masters degree. I became part of the staff, and this whole year has been amazing with ministry, birthing Voices of Hope, etc. So, I justified our not getting the job, because I needed to make that connection with Summit. (I still believe that is partly why)

However, let me also share, on the news two days ago, we read where Chevron (my husbands company) had laid off over 700 people in the Houston area,10% of their work force. Mainly office staff, but also the new hires!! Had my husband got that job, we would be one of the 700 families, unemployed. While I am sad anyone had to lose their jobs, I am grateful we were spared.

Friends, don't get discouraged in the waiting. Don't let the enemy creep in and tell you lies about who God is. God is always faithful, and He is ALWAYS on time. If that door shut, be thankful. If it didn't happen when you thought it should, be thankful. If it looks like you are being overlooked, be thankful. IN ALL thankful. Our Heavenly Father is GOOD! He takes care of His own. Your time is coming, those doors will open. Trust Him. He is not withholding from you, He is protecting you. #goodfather #protector #Hecanbetrusted #opendoors

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