Have you ever thought about getting a ministry degree?

I am not only the Prophetic Program, and Leadership Director, I am also an Instructor, AND Student, of SBC. I Love teaching, and helping people step into their destiny. We have incredible classes and anointed instructors. If you are in Ministry, we would like to honor your service to the Kingdom, by offering you 50% off your total tuition. In addition, we also offer financial aid, and if you are married, your spouse can attend for FREE. They just need to pay for their books and test out fees.

We also offer Ordination.

Let me help you, get equipped for this new Season!  Please mention where you saw this ad:)

With Love, Gypsy

Let me help you get equipped!


"Summit Bible College has about 10,000 students that have taken classes since 1996, locally in Bakersfield, California, and in every state of the United States.  Summit’s international students are from 17 different countries.

Our alumni have been equipped to work with all levels of society for those that need help.

They have established counseling centers that minister to those in all situations from the wealthy to the poorest of poor.

We have licensed coaches that work full-time in this capacity as well as leaders who work for corporations, as school teachers, people in business, and for hospitals and care centers.  Many have started ministries that work full time as help organizations for the elderly, veterans, rehabilitation, children and orphans, food banks, shelters, and many other areas.

Summit enrolls students yearlong and has both local classes in Bakersfield and extension campuses as well as online video courses, complete with online testing, and independent study classes. There are a variety of majors available. Call, request online information, or email us for an appointment, today!”  Email me at gsmith@summitbiblecollege.com

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